Introduction to Feminist Studies was one of the most affecting courses I took as a grad student: it exposed me to a number of phenomenal essays from various disciplines, and I have used the articulations from those women (and men) in virtually all of my work since then. This is not a claim I can make about many theoretical clusters.

Throughout that course we submitted weekly responses about the texts we engaged; at the same time, I began cited chunks of the texts here as Powerful Quotes from Empowered Women. I didn’t always explain what the quote is about, or give context for it; I posted text when I was particularly moved by it, or wanted to keep it close at hand for future reference. Perhaps as a consequence, these posts didn’t receive much comment; nonetheless, the original PQfEW page remains the most-viewed page on this blog next to “Story of a sexy air hostess”. (I hope seekers who come across PQfEW are less disappointed than those who find the other page!)

I no longer post PQfEWs regularly, but I plan to add some occasionally. If you’re not sure what to make of them, try this: Read. Think about what is said just within those lines. Try not to project outside assumptions on them. If you’re curious about context, ask. If you find some of the ideas debatable, bring up your concerns. And see what happens.

Post list:
The Sphinx’s Riddle: a found poem that struck me
bell hooks on men and sexism: quote that addresses male privilege and the way it hurts men
Many selves: Trinh Minh-ha on selfhood along with my own rumination
Rey Chow on “the enemy”: Chow describes some sexist practices that individuals may not even be aware they do, but that nonetheless service a larger system of sexist oppression. Particular relevant to academia, I feel.
Pre- and Post-Colonial Feminisms: Geraldine Heng, Amina Mama, and Maria Anna Jaimes Guerrero.
The price of an ethical dilemma: M. Jacqui Alexander and Chandra Mohanty + ruminations on legal objectivity
Feminist epistemology and standpoint: Sandra Harding and the wonderful Donna Haraway
This Bridge Called My Back: a few selections from an excellent anthology
Powerful Quotes from Empowered Women: the original post, featuring Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, and Barbara Christian